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Alumni Spotlight: Mar Vidal '18

Born in Spain but Mexican “by heart,” Mar Vidal '18 attended ASB from 2004 to 2007, and again from 2016 to 2018. She is currently in her 3rd year at ESADE Business School in Barcelona.
Mar Vidal
Mar Vidal

Born in Spain but Mexican “by heart,” Mar Vidal ’18 attended ASB from 2004 to 2007, and again from 2016 to 2018. Currently in her 3rd year studying Business Administration at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Mar is keen to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

“I have been working on developing my Python coding skills, particularly in Artificial Intelligence, so I can pair these with my aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur in today’s world. I would love to build a company where I can pair both!”

What experiences or teachers from ASB might have inspired who you are today?

“Wow, there are genuinely so many. I spent years where I was very young at ASB, and I will never forget some teachers.

Ms. Donna Love is one of my early elementary teachers who I clearly remember and will always hold dear to my heart. She was always so encouraging and helpful, recognized my efforts, and never made me feel bad about making mistakes. I would love to reconnect with her; she was a pillar to my education, without a doubt!

Ms. Michelle DeZerne is one of the most thoughtful and encouraging teachers I’ve ever had. She always cared about my wellbeing, and she put a lot of thought and effort into understanding her students and their personalities. She was so supportive during my IB years, and every time I was struggling, she would have a knack to know something was up. She knew how to lift our moods and make her class enjoyable and educational at the same time.

Mr. Daniel Whitehair is also an incredible teacher. Similar to Ms. Michelle, he cared about my wellbeing and knew his students well. Since my IB Chemistry SL class was small and had a lot of Latino influence, he’d play Spanish songs we loved and created a happy and encouraging environment for us to learn.

Mr. Joan López was also an amazing teacher. He always encouraged me to think outside the box and push my limits to become the best version of myself. It was always so fun to have debates in his Spanish class because he made them so enriching and entertaining - it was hard to leave that room without a new piece of information. He saw the potential in his students and did all he could to get the best out of us.

Lastly, Mr. Micah Cook was unforgettable. Not only is he extremely talented at what he does, but he also has so much personality and would make every class fun, entertaining, and always added a speck of humor to make us laugh. I loved having him as a teacher! We had inside jokes since the beginning of my IB journey and shared a great relationship.”

What would be a favorite ASB memory?

“I have so many…

I remember as a little kid running down the ramp that led to Kindergarten every morning because I was so excited to see my friends and teachers.

I remember in 2nd grade, I wrote a little story and showed it to my teacher, and she wrote a comment I’ll never forget: “I’ll be the first in line to buy your book when you become an author.” It’s so special to have this memory because I still enjoy writing from time to time to express myself. It’s so important as a young child to see recognition in what you love and receive the proper support!

I remember many conversations with my teachers during the IB. Most students can relate that it’s a period in your life where you feel immense pressure and need support not only from friends and family but also from your teachers. We spent so much time with them. I remember speaking to Ms. Michelle and Mr. Daniel about the pressure I felt with school, sharing memories about Mexico with Mr. Cook, and having conversations about my future with Mr. López. I felt so close to all of them!

I also remember graduation. It was such a special day for me. I started school at ASB, and although I had moved to another country in between, I still ended up right where I started. Seeing the school where I had so many memories as a young child and sitting there with some of my new friends and some very old friends made me feel so happy. Graduating in front of teachers who were so humane and supported me throughout the IB experience was also emotional. One of the most memorable days of my life!”

In your opinion, what makes ASB special?

“ASB is exceptional for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, it provides a safe space for kids who have grown up all around the world and don’t attribute their nationality or identity to one place. We’ve all lived around the world, speak multiple languages, and it’s special to be able to share our diverse backgrounds and experiences with each other.

It’s also exceptional to have such qualified and supportive teachers. It’s impressive to look back now and recognize the teachers I had throughout the IB left such a mark on me as a student and person. Not only are they excellent at what they do, but they also take the time and effort to know their students and help them individually in the ways that they need.”

If you could describe ASB in one word, what would it be?


Once a Lynx, Always a Lynx!
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Contributed: April 2021

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